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  • Dr. Cardio Portable ECG Machine

Frequently Asked Questions

I currently possess a functional ECG device; however, your solution appears interesting. How can it be advantageous to me?2023-03-03T06:01:33+00:00

Dr. Cardio’s 12-channel Portable ECG Device offers several benefits to its users, even if you already have a working ECG device.

Firstly, the device is portable, making it easy to carry with you wherever you go. This means you can take ECG readings at any time and any place, without having to worry about being in a clinical setting.

Secondly, the device produces PDF reports, which are a reliable option in urgent situations. These reports can be printed on standard A4 paper, allowing you to generate and print ECG reports quickly by connecting to any printer. This can save you time and money by eliminating the need for manual report preparation.

Lastly, the 12-channel ECG device offers more advanced ECG readings than many traditional devices. With 12 channels, you can capture more detailed information about the heart’s activity, which can lead to better diagnoses and treatment plans.

Overall, Dr. Cardio’s 12-channel Portable ECG Device can provide you with added convenience, accuracy, and efficiency in taking and generating ECG readings

Although I am not a medical professional or provider, I have a cardiac patient at home. Would it be possible for me to purchase it for personal use?2023-03-03T06:02:36+00:00

It is important to note that this particular device has been specifically created and tailored for medical professionals and providers. While it may be possible for non-medical individuals to purchase and use the device, it is important to understand that it may not be as user-friendly or intuitive for those who are not trained in the medical field. Therefore, it is strongly advised to seek guidance from a healthcare professional before using the device for personal care.

What is the maximum number of ECGs that can be conducted using the Dr. Cardio ECG device?2023-03-03T06:06:35+00:00

Dr.Cardio machine has no limit in generating ECG reports, it means that users can generate as many reports as they need without any restrictions imposed by the device itself.

Does Dr.Cardio app require an Internet connection?2023-03-03T06:13:27+00:00

The Dr. Cardio app does not require any type of internet connection, this means that users can use the app to conduct ECG records and generate reports without needing to have access to Wi-Fi or mobile data.

The benefit of an app that does not require an internet connection is that it can be used in areas where internet connectivity may be limited or unavailable. For example, users may want to conduct ECG tests while on a hike in a remote area or while traveling in a location where internet connectivity is poor.

What is the warranty of the device?2023-03-03T06:14:10+00:00

The Dr. Cardio ECG machine comes with a standard two-year replacement warranty. Users have the option to purchase an extended warranty separately at the time of purchasing the device.

What if we face an issue while taking the ECG?2023-03-03T06:15:02+00:00

Dr.Cardio provides a dedicated support team that is available 24/7 and their contact number is available for you to connect with them on our Website.

If the ecg device is not found or discovered, what should you do?2024-04-05T06:13:34+00:00

The Dr. Cardio ECG device requires specific permissions from the mobile device, such as Bluetooth and location. To avoid errors, please ensure that your device has the necessary permissions enabled.

How to Download the Dr.Cardio ECG Application?2024-04-05T06:09:23+00:00

Discover the best ECG application for accurate heart monitoring & analysis. You can scan the QR code provided in the box or search for the Dr. Cardio ECG application on the Google Play Store.

What Comes with Dr. Cardio Portable ECG Machine Box?2024-04-05T06:07:23+00:00

Discover the versatility of the Dr. Cardio Portable ECG Machine Box – 15 days battery backup, 2-year warranty. Perform quick ECGs on-the-go!

The Dr. Cardio Kit consists of the following items:

  • 6nos standard chest electrodes,
  • 4nos limb clamps
  • 1nos standard ECG cable
  • 1nos charger with the cable
  • 1nos ECG jelly
  • 1nos Dr. Cardio ECG device, which comes in a stylish bag
What distinguishes the 1-channel, 3-channel, 6-channel, and 12-channel ECG machines available in the market?2024-04-04T06:50:50+00:00

The difference between 1 channel, 3 channel, 6 channel, and 12 channel ECG machines lies in the number of leads or channels that the machine can record.

1-channel ECG machine: A 1-channel ECG machine records the electrical activity of the heart from a single lead. This type of machine is typically used in non-medical settings, such as at home or in a fitness center, to provide basic heart rate and rhythm monitoring.

3-channel ECG machine: A 3-channel ECG machine can record the electrical activity of the heart from three different leads simultaneously. This type of machine is commonly used in clinics and small medical practices to diagnose basic heart conditions.

6-channel ECG machine: A 6-channel ECG machine can record the electrical activity of the heart from six different leads simultaneously. This type of machine is commonly used in hospitals and larger medical practices to diagnose more complex heart conditions.

12-channel ECG machine: A 12-channel ECG machine can record the electrical activity of the heart from twelve different leads simultaneously. This type of machine is the most advanced and can diagnose the widest range of heart conditions. It is typically used in hospitals, cardiology clinics, and other specialized medical practices.